New tax relief (SARP) details released

July 05, 2012 − by admin − in News − Comments Off on New tax relief (SARP) details released

A new relief known as the Special Assignee Relief Programme (“SARP”) was introduced in Finance Act 2012, which provides for income tax relief for individuals assigned during any of the tax years 2012, 2013 or 2014 to work in the State. Where certain conditions are satisfied, then an employee can make a claim to have 30% of his or her income between €75,000 (lower threshold) and €500,000 (upper threshold) disregarded for income tax purposes. The claim form for the new Special Assignee Relief Programme (“SARP”) has now been published by Revenue. The Form contains 3 sections:

Part A: Claim form to be completed by the employee
Part B: Certification by the relevant employer
Part C: Application to grant relief under the PAYE system

Revenue material outlining how the new relief will work is available here.

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